Construction Website Design

When working in the construction industry it’s important to be able to help your client visualise their next project and most importantly how your business fits within that vision.

When developing a website for a construction business it’s important to capture some of that essence from your past projects by providing before and after imagery showcasing how you can bring your client’s vision to life.

Construction Website Before and After Sections

Before and after sliders are a perfect way to showcase how your business can transform a rustic old verandah into a living space for the whole family. Our latest project for TJH Construction displays a series of sliders covering all aspects of their service offerings

The benefits of great before and after imagery

When a project kicks off it’s always good to get into the habit of taking some great imagery to capture how the project evolves and what your business is capable of delivering.

  • Establishing credibility and trust. A picture paints 1000 words and is a fantastic way to build trust with a client before they commit to a large project. Fantastic imagery for each of your business’s service offerings allows you to position yourself as an authority in the space.
  • It nurtures potential clients. Before customers invest in a project they want to be sure that a construction company can deliver on their dream project.
  • It helps people build their vision. It is quite typical that people don’t often know what they want until they see it. Which lets be honest in the construction world can be frustrating if you are half way through a project. Great imagery of your past project will help potential customers envision how their dream project will come to life.

How important is a responsive website for the construction industry?

No matter which industry you’re in a responsive website will always be an essential part of any website design.

Although this is more the case within the construction industry when your target clients are likely to be out and about and at times in relatively remote areas.

With this in mind your website will not only need to be mobile responsive it will also need to load lightning fast for those customers with only a few bars of service.

Having a clear call to action

Having a cornucopia of fantastic imagery is great although some just as or even more important is having a clear call to action where people can simply click a button and book a appointment or a free consult.

Having your call to action directly below some of your prime image real estate showcasing your services is a great way to encourage people to get in touch with your about their next project.

I typically like to give people the option of a call or email to cater for people who may not be as comfortable making a call.

How to enhance your construction website design project?

Now that you have your design laid out and your website is live lets take a glimpse into a few opportunities to improve your websites google rankings to drive traffic to your website.

  • Develop a Facebook marketing strategy: Social media is a fantastic way to get your brand out to the masses particularly in the construction industry. Showcasing project photos and short videos is great for showcasing your businesses capabilities and how you achieve the stunning final result for a project.
  • Focusing on local search rankings: When searching for services people will often focus on location based terms such as Bendigo construction for example. If you put a local based term into the search results you will see a small box pop up showcasing local businesses that offer that service. This is known as the local pack. By setting up your Google my Business profile and linking through to your website you can start to build local based authority for your website. Local based directories, yellow pages and True Local are all great websites to help build authority in your local area.
  • Doubling down on SEO: Last but certainly not least is doubling down on your search engine optimisation strategy by implementing strategies to optimise your SEO. These often include creating amazing content for your customers, answering commonly asked questions and building links for your website.

That wraps up our article on a few tips for construction website design. If you need a hand building a construction website feel free to reach out we are always happy to have a chat about how we can help businesses to start building their digital launch platforms.

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