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Copywriting for Recruiters

It’s such a noisy world where recruitment has shifted online. Applicants’ attention spans are declining and copywriting for recruiters needs to grab their attention. It’s kind of like slapping them in the face or dousing them with a cold bucket of water. Metaphorically of course.

Copywriting for recruiters to grab the Applicant's attention

It’s time to become of beacon of light amongst a sea of job listings for applicants. Craft job titles and descriptions that stand out in the crowd and capture the attention of the best applicants on the market. So let’s grab our buckets and turn on the cold tap because these applicants don’t know what their in for.


400 Word Description



Package Includes

Capture the applicants attention with a well crafted description.

Main Course

1200 Word Article



Package Includes

Serve up a main course of content for your readers to sink their teeth into.


Website Landing Page



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Offer up a sticky content dessert to keep your customers wanting more.

Craft that perfect job description

Frequently Asked Recruitment Copywriting Questions

Is it worth hiring a copywriter for the recruiting process?

There are some fantastic job opportunities out there unfortunately they read like every other job description on the market. If your client is looking to shake up the office then you need to shake up your job listings.

Is it worth publishing a blog article on recruiting?

A blog helps your business establish itself as an authority within the industry as well as working wonders for search engines. Feel free to reach out and we can spitball a few blog content topics that may be suitable for your business. 

Is it worth worrying about SEO?

You can bet your bottom dollar that it is. Indeed and Seek won’t be giving away that prime real estate. Even if you do post on Seek it is worth putting a great deal of thought into your descriptions tags.

Where do I even start with SEO?

All content descriptions, blog articles and website pages are structured with SEO in mind. Now all you need is some crafty keyword research and you’re all good to go.

How do I stand our when recruiting?

By far the best way to stand out in the recruiting world is to craft creating titles and grab your applicant’s attention as fast as possible. It’s a competitive recruiting environment out there so your content needs to reflect that. 

Do I need a tone of voice?

A tone of voice document can definitely come in handy when you are recruiting for a variety of different industries. The style in which you write your copy will change based on your client and the applicants that they wish to attract.

Copywriting for Recruiters

Grab the attention of applicants

Job Descriptions

When you are developing your job descriptions it is essential that they are tailored to the job applicants that you want to attract. Its kind of like fishing. If u want to catch a Barra then you need the right bait, location and technique.

Capture business culture

Recruiting the best applicant for the position often comes down to being the right cultural fit within the business. Within the description, we incorporate some of the business's cultural essence to provide a snapshot for the applicant.

Design a landing page

Creating a custom landing page for the position can be a great way to reduce the bounce rate for potential applicants. It's often handy to include job description downloads and cover letter templates to streamline the application process.

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