How to add text to a picture

Word Swag is a fantastic application when it comes to looking at how to add text to a picture. In the past to achieve the same result I would have to use a photo editor to crop, resize and write on the photo now its all on one handy little application.

This application has saved me an incredible amount of time and has allowed me to distribute content in a much more timely manner.

Who would have thought that figuring out how to add text to a picture could have such a positive impact upon my time management? Anyway enough about me lets dive into the application and take a look.


Wordswag Photo Editor

When you download Word Swag and fire it up this is the image that you will be greeted with. It is a relatively simple user interface and has all of the options that you need to effectively edit and create fantastic looking photos for social media.

The software also offers an option to access a free library full of photos if you are looking for that bit of extra inspiration. It should be noted that the free selection of photos is nothing to be scoffed at as they have a great selection, especially for a free application, definitely worth diving into for a look.

how to add text to a picture

How to add text to a picture

The next stage is where the magic happens we finally find out how to add text to a picture.

This page allows you to crop, style and colour your image to optimise it for your selected social media platform. There is a vast array of fonts and style settings that can be selected to personalise your content and to optimise the way that it is displayed for your desired social media platform.

Make sure you have a good run through the various font types and styles and find a few favourites that you will use for your marketing strategy. Make sure you utilise the crop function as well to eliminate any pesky watermarks that may come with come of your images if uploading directly from your phone.

how to use wordswag

Add your logo and share your image

Not only can you add text to your images but you can also add your logo onto your images for that bit of extra brand impact.

The add your logo feature allows you to place the logo wherever you like as well as giving you the option to change the transparency of your logo to ensure that it fits cleanly over the top of the image.

From here you can click share directly to the social media platform of your choosing and your image will embed directly into the post on your social platform.

picture to text

Your final product will end up looking similar to the above image that I shared on Instagram while I was researching for a few local SEO packages.

So just to recap Wordswag is a fantastic application when it comes to optimising your social media workflow. It allows you to take a live image and turn it into a beautiful piece of graphic social media content within a matter of seconds.

Make sure you download this app and take it for a spin and let me know what you think within the comments section below.

For some information on Wordswag, you can head over to their website that is chockablock full of great design ideas for the application. If you would like to see how they look within an Instagram post I have also included a link to a great rural entrepreneur quote that I have shared.

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