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SEO for Physiotherapy

It’s time to take the aches and pains out of SEO for your physiotherapy business. Great SEO is like a physio session. If you book regular checkups your website will stay fit and healthy. On the flip side if you start going years without an SEO check that’s when things start to break down and you risk losing your rankings. Its time to shake things up.

The ins and outs of SEO for a physiotherapy business

When exploring SEO for a physiotherapy business it’s important to keep the customer’s pain points in mind. What are the keywords that they are likely to type into google? Catch up with our Organic SEO studio to start developing a completely customised SEO strategy for your business.

A SEO strategy mindmap


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Lay down the foundations with the SEO essentials pack.

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A website landing page tailored to your SEO strategy.

Develop a SEO strategy for your physiotherapy Business

Frequently Asked SEO Questions from service-based businesses

How can SEO benefit my physiotherapy business?

As you may know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In a nutshell, the primary goal of SEO is to acquire website traffic by ranking high in search engine results.

Will I lose my Google SEO ranking over time?

To quote A Nerds World quality SEO is like going to the gym. If you skip a few months you will still be in good shape. If you go too long without an SEO touch up then you will start to see the impacts on your search engine rankings.

Does my website come with SEO?

When it comes to SEO the service is usually an additional add-on to the website design process. Prior to developing the content for the site, it is often worth conducting SEO research to determine the focus of your content.

When it comes to SEO our team provides a complete SEO template for your article that covers all of the crucial SEO steps for your article. We develop a strategy using tools like SEM Rush and Yoast to give your website the best possible chance of ranking.

When will I start seeing results from my SEO?

This question really relies on where your business is starting from. If you are already ranking in google within the first 2 pages, it may take as little as a few months. If your business is brand new, effective SEO will need to be more of a long-term strategy until you build authority.

Does every page on the website need SEO?

Once your keywords have been identified our team will help your business develop a content strategy including website pages and blog articles to help you perform in search engine rankings. 

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