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Building a website is the first step in building your online digital platform. View your website as an online shop front for your business that you will drive potential customers to via a variety of different marketing strategies.

A website is your chance to tell your businesses story dont let someone else tell it for you. Discover the small business website design packages that we have on offer below.

small business web design

Small Business Website Design Packages





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Contains everything you need to start your businesses online journey. 


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The ultimate package for small businesses building out their brand online.

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This provides everything your need to maintain your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website show up in local search results?

You bet it will the Silver monthly package is designed specifically to cater for the local SEO needs of small businesses. This includes local keyword optimisation as well as a submission to key online business directories within your area.

Can I make edits and changes to my website?

Your website is built on a simple and easy to use content management system which allows small businesses to make changes whenever they like. This allows your customers to keep up to date with the latest products and services that you have on offer.

Which is the most affordable small business website design package?

The Silver monthly plan has been specifically developed with small businesses in mind. The package includes a full cost effective website design, local SEO, hosting and a free eBook to guide your business through developing a Facebook marketing strategy.

Where do I start when planning a design?

Picking an effective design for your website doesn’t have to be a scary thing. It really comes down to breaking down what you really want your site to achieve. To help guide you through this process I have written an article on the main website design principles to serve as a guide.

Can I possibly compete online as a small business?

Of course you can if anything google prefers local businesses when it comes to ranking in google. My services allow you to effectively leverage local SEO strategies to increase the size of your digital footprint.

Why do I even need a website?

I find that I get this question all too often, especially since so many small businesses use Facebook as their only point for online marketing. Every time I answer this question my answer is always the same a website allows you to have full control over your online brand as well as allows you to establish yourself as a profesional within the online realm. 

Small Business Web Design

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Web Design Packages

A CMS enabled wordpress based website designed specifically to maximise the digital impact for small businesses. Achieved through impactful designs, engaging content and captivating imagery.

Local SEO

Providing small business with the optimal launch platform to reach local customers and to improvde their digital footprint within the digital realm.

Digital Marketing

Advice on developing out your digital marketing strategy by effectively leveraging content writing, social media marketing and local SEO to effectively compete with bigger businesses online.

small business web design

7 Essential steps for building a stunning website

When it comes to website design most people believe that it’s what you see when in reality design is about how it works. Sure it is important that your website looks fantastic and is visually appealing to your customers. Although its even more important that your website is capable of effectively turning website visitors into valuable leads. Some of the best bells and whistles for making your website look good may actually be costing you valuable business leads. Let’s dive into the 7 essential web design principles to consider when building a website.

 1: Take your own photos

When you are developing out your website it’s essential that you take your own photos rather than resorting to the run of the mill stock images that you see so many websites opting for. Yes, there may be some incredible photos out there but at the end of the day having your own photos will allow your website to stand out from the crowd. Visual Website Optimizer ran a split test to see how a stock photo compares to a real photo and the results found that the real photo will win every time. Images are a powerful tool when it comes to building out your website to make sure they aren’t going to waste.

2: Clear call to action

A common reason why some small business websites fail is they quite often fail to have a clear call to action on their website. A key concept to keep in mind when designing pages is how you would like the customer to take action on a given website page. It’s often good to think of web design like herding cattle. You need to give your potential customers direction on where to go next. 

3: Web design that makes sense

The structure and naming of your website projects are essential when it comes to how users will navigate through your website. This is often as simple as taking a simplistic and clear approach when naming your pages to grouping together pages that are similar. For example, if I had a website page for small business web design it would make sense that I would include a link to a page on local SEO to improve their search engine rankings. 

4: Track your conversions

One of the benefits of having a concise and clear call to action as we mentioned earlier is you now will be able to track your customers to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This will allow your business to effectively track what’s working and allocate your marketing budget accordingly. Your website can track everything ranging from organic traffic to your Facebook marketing strategy.

5: Fantastic website content

I often see time and time again small businesses failing to create content for their industry. A strategic content management strategy is a great way to establish your business as an expert within the industry. Content is also a fantastic way to establish a rapport with your potential customers prior to the consultation. A great place to start is discovering a few key questions within your industry and providing some fantastic in-depth answers on your website’s blog. 

6: Mobile-friendly design

In this day and age, it is essential that your website is accessible on mobile devices as this will be where over 70% of your traffic will originate from and possibly even more if you are a trade service provider. When you are in contact with your designer ensure that your website will be mobile friendly I can’t stress that one enough.

7: A clear marketing strategy

Lucky last but certainly not least we have the importance of employing effective digital marketing tactics. Make sure that you’re not just building a website for the sake of building a website. Ensure that you work with your designer to establish a clear online marketing strategy to build your small businesses digital footprint. This will ensure that your business has the best possible chance to get a return on investment for the design of the website.

That’s wraps up out 7 small business web design tips for digital success. Make sure that you keep this list in mind when you are hiring a web designer. This will ensure that your web design process runs smoothly and that your business has the best possible chance at an effective digital marketing strategy.  

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