The kick starter guide to organic SEO services

The kick starter guide to Organic SEO services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the targeted approach to systematically increasing your local based search engine results for your business. Lets you are looking to improve your SEO in Bendigo for example.

You would include the location in addition to the services that you have to offer.

SEO is a pivotal part of developing an online marketing strategy for an online business.

Bundling together SEO and digital marketing is an essential component of a marketing strategy.

The long-term strategy of search engine optimization has long served as a benchmark strategy for providing a constant flow of targeted customers for local businesses.

Why does my website need SEO?

The vast majority of your website’s traffic is driven by commercial search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

These are the primary sources that you will target for organic SEO.

Even though social media channels and various other methods can be viable traffic methods although SEO is the primary way in which users will navigate their way to your website.

So let’s look at a business example:

Let’s say that Johny owns a local Lollie show and that he is looking into utilising SEO to bring his business to life by improving the number of times that his local Lollie shop is appearing within the search results.

It’s at this point that myself as a web designer really needs the help of a small business to build out an effective organic SEO strategy.

organic SEO services

Working as a team we need to figure out the following things about your potential customers.

  • What types of lollies do our regular customers search for? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if your most popular product is selling soft jersey caramels than the youth just might not be the target market that you’re looking for online. Which leads to the next point.
  • Who is searching for these particular terms? If jersey caramels are returning a high level of search volume then lets drill down further into that search demographic so we can produce content accordingly. This step is essential as sometimes your assumptions can be a little bit deceiving. Maybe a popular Youtuber or Fortnite streamer is loving jersey caramels and driving the demand. Ok, that may be a little extreme although we could find out if that is the case by using a software called BuzzSumo to follow social trends. Definitely worth checking out and best of all its free.
  • The next step is to find out when people are searching for these products, is it at 9 in the morning or late at night. I know what your thinking here isn’t we getting a little too picky here, how can this possibly relate down to a business level. Now hold your horses, I remember back in my uni days there was this small cafe. They used to open all day and receive dribs and drabs of customers until one day they looked directly across the road. All they could see was food stores as far as the eye could see, then it hit them, there it was. Right in the middle of these food stalls was the main uni pub in town. These days during the day you will find the cafe’s doors locked shut. They changed their hours to best suit the ideal customer for their greasy deep fried food “Uni Students” and now business is booming. So it’s important when it comes to producing content online that you set your business up effectively to monitor these trends.
  • The final step in our process is all about location, location, location. It’s important to know where your potential customers are physically located especially if you primarily conduct business through your shop front. If you find that there are a lot of potential customers outside of your physical location then you may need to consider an online store as well to best cater for your new audience.

Video sourced from Neil Patel

Increasing search engine visibility

Now that we know why businesses need SEO and we have covered why organic SEO is important for businesses and why SEO should be a core component within all marketing plans lets dive into the details of how it works.

Firstly before I divulge any top secret SEO strategy information we need to take the Google SEO oath set forth by the all-powerful search engine gods. In all seriousness, though these principles are important. Now place one hand on the google search menu and repeat after me.

Googles commandments:

  • Though shall create engaging content for users, not search engines. Meaning, make sure that when you produce content, do so with your users in mind.
  • Though shall not deceive thy users with misleading content.
  • Though shall not tamper with thy content to benefit search engines over users.
  • Though shall remain true to my brand’s identity by producing fantastic content that my readers will love.

Now that’s out of the way lets look into a 5 step plan to best set your website up for organic SEO

1# Link Building

Link building has really copped a bad rep over the last few years and it is mainly because people failed to build links in good faith, let’s just say they weren’t exactly a fan of our Google commandments.

When you are looking to build out a targeted SEO strategy for your new website it’s important that you keep linking in mind.

For example, there are some great websites out there that I have been using to help write this guide such as Neil Patels article on SEO basics or the SEO MOZ article on a guide to SEO.

When you are writing articles you can link out to similar resources to support your own article. Although remember to always have the links opening in a new tab as we don’t want to lose our readers.

2# Engaging Content

A content marketing strategy is one of the most important strategies that your business can adapt to really get the most out of SEO in Canberra. When it comes to building a great content management strategy here are a few key factors that will need to be considered.

Create content and a lot of it

When you are looking to create content for your website trends are beginning to show that the longer the content the better.

A blogger should be shooting for as many words as possible with the ideal number landing at around 1500 words for a blog article. That said if your topic doesn’t quite need that many then that’s ok just keep in mind that the more words the better.

Mix up your delivery method

A great way to rank effectively for a specific key term is to create a variety of different content types such as a video, podcast or even a great infographic. These mediums can all be used to effectively support your blog article.

3# Meta descriptions and titles

To best explain this concept lets jump over to the google search results to have a gander, shall we?

seo canberra

I have included a simple google search result for lollies in Canberra to get an idea of how our content information will fit into googles search. The text in blue is the title of your article.

In the past, people would make this an exact match for the keyword that they are targeting. Although to a potential reader this in itself would look pretty boring.

Let’s say that I wanted to rank for lollies in Canberra, I would include a title that read” The five traveller picks for lollies in Canberra. This captures all of the keywords as well as making the article a heck of a lot more interesting.

Next up we have the description section for your article. As you can see here a piece of the description is cut off, which means that you will need to make your point clear within that group of words.

A great plugin to help with this is Yoast SEO. Remember to also use your core keywords within the first paragraph of your article as a good rule of thumb.

4# Optimise for local based organic SEO services

The final point to cover is optimising your website when it comes to imrpoving your local SEO.

Canberra local SEO

With this infographic in mind make sure that your website is mobile friendly and that potential customers can easily consume the content of your website on a mobile device.

So if your website needs zooming in to read the content then I’m sorry but you will need to catch up with the times in order to be fully optimised for the online environment.

If you need a hand putting in place an SEO strategy we operate a organic SEO studio to help develop a digital launch platform for small businesses.

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