WordPress Web Care Plan

What is a WordPress web care plan?

A WordPress web care plan is a package that provides website security, maintenance and backups for your WordPress sites. A care plan is a fantastic way to have peace of mind that your website will remain safe and secure. The plans also usually offer regular backups for your website including plugins, website speed and database cleanups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a WordPress care plan?

A WordPress care plan is an essential service that keeps your website backed up, keeps plugins up to date, cleans up your database and optimises the load speed of your website.

Can SEO be included in a website care plan?

SEO services usually run on a monthly basis which aligns perfectly with WordPress care plans. The two often go hand in hand as a well-maintained, fast website performs better in the eyes of search engines.

Are website care plans free when buying a website?

Website care plans are usually an additional cost when purchasing a website and are on a month-by-month basis. When having a website designed it is often worth asking the designer what services are currently offered under a care plan.

How do I improve website speed?

Care plans are a fantastic way to ensure that your website continues to run swiftly and smoothly. Maintaining website caching, image compression and regular database cleanups are three of the main tasks often utilised to maximise website speed.

How often should a care plan be reviewed?

It is worth revisiting a website care plan on an annual timeframe to ensure that the plan is scaling with the needs of your website. An example is if your website has a great deal of media content then the files will need compressing on a regular basis.

Is website hosting included in care plans?

When you are in the market for a web care plan it is often worth including hosting as a complete package. This is largely due to the website designer needing host access to regularly provide backups and updates.

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